Unique and innovative video clips featuring real world imagery and computer generated renderings. Many of the clips are seamlessly looping for an infinitely continuous movie created with 3D software or painstakingly through Stop Motion Animation. —David Biagini

Video Clips


Excellent Health and Wealth System from Isagenix. Proven Success Since 2002. Generate wealth while maintaining excellent health for a long and happy life. —David Biagini



IsaVOID outlines how I utilize the excellent health and wealth system by Isagenix and how anyone can enjoy the benefits of Isagenix even on a fixed budget. Also included is a favorite cold—yummy—nutritious shake recipe. —David Biagini



Xmotives is a future project featuring unique designs for a wide variety of cool mechanisms. —David Biagini



Enriching Imagery hosts links to beautiful and—yes—enriching imagery in the form of video footage, photography, 3D computer renderings, and vector art. —David Biagini

Enriching Imagery


Perfectagon details an innovative way to create any regular sided polygon with only a compass and straight edge. I discovered this process while doing research for a cool venture called Puzzle Postage—a Product Endeavor that I submitted to the USPS (United States Postal Service). —David Biagini



The California Quarter that should have been, as indicated by the many people who cast their votes for the design that they wanted to grace the California State Quarter. I was able to create the sculpt and have the design known as "A Golden Moment" minted in solid proof 1/2 ounce pure silver rounds. —David Biagini

California Quarter


Money Charms is a design feature I developed to help create a more secure anti-counterfeit paper currency while simultaneously rendering money discernible by the blind. —David Biagini

Money Charms


Thoughtstrip is the alternate trademark for a comic (thought) strip also known as I Just 'Ink. —David Biagini



The Silver Snow Crystal was the first coin design I had minted. The obverse sculpt was actually created by Charles L Vickers who has since created several designs for the United States Mint. —David Biagini

Silver Snow Crystal


There's a virtual button anyone can press for a taste of my very sparse writings. All you have to do is press void. —David Biagini

Press VOID


A lifetime has a tendency to create crumbs of insight that I plan to eventually share with everyone through a publication that will be titled aptly "Me Verses Me". —David Biagini

Me Verses Me


The California Quarter Case Files detail why and how the design chosen by We the People did not become the circulating California State Quarter. Many fascinating facts about an item that one might not readily consider as a target for political fraud. —David Biagini

California Quarter Case Files


A tiny sampling of some of my music and a bit more about me. —David Biagini

David Biagini


VOIDraw showcases a few examples of past works ranging from some Flash Studies, Traditional Illustration, Computer Art, Architectural Models, Logo Design, Photography, Etc. —David Biagini



Graffiti Park is a vision that I hope will find its way to fruition. It's just too cool to let fade away. —David Biagini

Graffiti Park


Some time ago I was able to send a .PDF file detailing a global endeavor named Googloball to the personal email addresses for Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Technology is advancing such that the product portion is becoming truly viable. It will be a fun experience to work with Google to develop this project when the time presents itself. —David Biagini



Photos and renderings of money are always enriching imagery. See if you can guess which notes are real and which are virtual. —:D avid

Paper Money


Just in time for Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas. With these enriching images the beauty of snow crystals is truly year round. —David Biagini

Snow Crystals


The biovoid connection that is a direct link to the Proven Health and Wealth System presented by Isagenix, my personal account www.biovoid.isagenix.com is easily accessed via www.biovoid.us. —David Biagini

biovoid US


Interested in obtaining top level domains? Bookmark this listing for high quality domains that become available. —David Biagini

Domains For Sale


Ideas are always flowing, and many are full-fledged yet fledgling. :D Therefore many are future endeavors. —David Biagini





Various Originals Ideas Designs

Striving to find the source of everything there is always one result—void.

When scientists delve into the nano depths of the smallest particles and likewise into the massive dimensions of the vast universe they always arrive at the same destination—void.

A truth is becoming more apparent with each passing moment. All creation emits from something that initially appears to be nothing, while instantaneously is truly everything. Even spiritual teachings throughout time have consistently supported this origin—void.

What? Where did that come from? Ø :D avid

All Creativity Sparks In A VOID ™